Welcome to Onyx Light Therapy – Illuminate Your Wellness at Home!

With a rich background of 13 years in operating top-rated wellness centers, Awaken For Wellness; Onyx Light Therapy now brings the healing power of our red light panels directly to your home. Our journey began with a commitment to redefine well-being, and we have expanded across multiple locations, consistently utilizing our red lights in-house to test and develop the highest quality panels on the market. 

Founder Chris Richmond, a visionary in the field, has dedicated years to meticulous research to design the most powerful and effective red light therapy on the market. Our panels have not only stood the true test of durability but also exemplify unmatched quality and healing ability. When you choose Onyx, you're choosing a product backed by over a decade of expertise and commitment to your well-being.

What truly sets our panels apart is their power. Our panels lead the market with the most beneficial wavelengths: 

2 red wavelengths & 4 evenly distibuted near infrared wavelengths proven to make the most impactful results. The ONYXred is 20% - 60% higher irradiance (power) than most panels on the market for deeper absorption and faster results  We believe in making the benefits of premium red light therapy accessible to everyone. Now, you can bring the same quality and transformational power that our wellness centers are known for right into your own home. Choose from multiple options to tailor your at-home experience to your unique needs.

Illuminate your home with Onyx Light Therapy and experience the culmination of 13 years of expertise, passion, and dedication to excellence. Our panels are not just a purchase; they're an investment in your well-being. Discover the power of Onyx – where durability, quality, and healing ability converge to create an at-home wellness experience like no other.

A Note From Our Founder

"We are not powerless; We are curious & relentless. We understand that our body is an amazing healing vehicle that can overcome virtually anything.  We believe that we are here on this earth to contribute something to the world. By opening up the healing pathways, growing beyond our current limits, and optimizing our energy, we gain clarity on our purpose so we can contribute more to the world!"

-Chris Richmond

My Secret Weapon 

"I cant say enough how powerful this thing is. And I keep finding new uses! Originally, I used it for joint pain. But now I realize it makes my skin glow. It is a great start to my day as I really do feel more energetic after using. I had a cut on my hand that it really helped to heal- this is so multi-functional and the results speak for themselves."

Laura Ann 

Minnesota, USA